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The definition of word "Mrs":
+1 rate 1. n a title used before the family name or full name of a married woman who has no other title Mrs Wood/ Mrs Jean Wood Hello, Mrs Taylor, how are you today? (as form of address) This is Dr Wilson, and Mrs Bullon, the surgeon who will perform your operation. Compare madam; Miss (T I T L E) ; mr; ms. Mrs is also used when expressing the idea that a married woman is typical of or represents a quality, activity or place. Mrs Average (= a woman who is typical of an ordinary woman)
rate 2. airport Name: Marseille Provence Airport; location: Marseille, France; IATA Code: MRS; ICAO Code: LFML
rate 3. Midland Research Station (of BGC)
rate 4. Media Recognition System
rate 5. Media Recognition System
rate 6. Magneto-Resistive Sensor
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